Azazel Attraction enhancing essential oil and body lotion with Real Blue Lotus flower

Here you will find out fine line of Azazel pheromone attraction enhancing essential oils and products by at-eazoil.  Our Azazel products are proprietary blended with blue lotus flower, jasmine flower, choice picked hedione molecules and very specific essential oils.

Azazel is a little pricey because of the ingredients we use.  There are no alcohols or cheap substances in our azazel pheromone cologne, we really spared no expense in the making and in doing so we created what we believe is one of the most intoxicating and romantic smells we've ever smelled before.

$25.00 ( 5ML )

We spared no expense in the making of Azazel.  Azazel essential oil and oils has been made with the purest and most exotic brand of Pure Blue lotus flower and Jasmine Flower extracts available.  The result is a very intoxicating high vibrational smell that will lift your spirits and make you very attractive in the process to the opposite sex. Azazel pheromone oil perfume is for men and women and designed to get into your skin and change your pheromone levels at a molecular level.

As of this posting we only have two sizes of Azazel pheromone essential oils available.  We have 2 ml bottles and 5 ml bottles.  The price is a little expensive but nothing in comparison to the amount of money and time and effort that went into making this exotic blend.  We really spared no expense in the making of Azazel pheromone oil cologne perfume for men and women.

Azazel is made with very high vibrational flowers including The Rare and sought after blue lotus flower.  We have used 100% organic and genuine blue lotus flower oil to make out Azazel pheromone oil and lotion. 

That's right our Azazel is made with some of the rarest and hardest to find genuine blue lotus flower oil available.  A lot of blue lotus flower oils come from india and a lot of it is made in a way in which it burns out the good stuff.   Ours blue lotus oil is sourced from a private pond in the himalayan mountains that uses and extraction method that extracts the good stuff out of the Blue lotus flower without burning or changing the properties,.... unlike most on the market.

Our particular sourced blue lotus flower oil is very rare and the people we get it from are only allowed to make 100 ml a year due to it's potency.  We have propietary blended it with choice other high vibrational flowers such as jasmine to make a very sensual and exotic blend of essential oil that smells out of this world. 

$25.00 ( 5ml )


We also offer Azazel Body Lotion

Our Azazel Body lotion has a slightly different brighter smell than the Azazel pheromone essential oil we carry.  Our azazel body lotion is made in a similar fashion as the Azazel attraction enhancing essential oil, but has it's own small twists and turns that make it have it's very own distinct smell.

You simply can't go wrong with these high vibrational smells.  They are designed to bring out your best and make you smell exotic and fresh at the same time.  There is simply nothing else like this on the market today.

Both the body lotion and essential oils are heavenly smelling.......hence the Name Azazel

We chose the name Azazel because it seemed fitting.  Azazel was one of the 200 fallen angels whom were kicked out of heaven for many reasons and considered the one who corrupted mankind the most.  We have a nice article on Azazel on our main site if you want to learn more information and read up all about our products and the blue lotus flower.

$18.00 ( 4oz )

For more information on our At -eazoil products or to buy Azazel pheromone essential oil cologne perfume for men and women or body lotion just visit the link below.  We have lots and lots of information available about our proprietary blended oil if you want to find out more information before you buy our azazel pheromone essential oil or lotions. 

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